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About Valeria’s Wings

Valeria’s Wings and Company (aka “The Arcane Helio Flight Circulators”) is a collaborative performance collective whose mission is to create an energized sense of community, art, and interpersonal connection through the playful fusion of performance art and social dance. With panoply of aerial, fire, hip-hop, clown, acrobatics, roller skating, and modern cirque disciplines, the collective creates audience experiences that invoke a spirit of dance, play, and wonder.

The troupe delivers highly-entertaining and awe-inspiring performances for a diverse range of events, from intimate private parties to large corporate groups. Valeria’s Wings and Company can create fully choreographed and improvised dance, contortion, hip-hop, juggling, fire dance, aerial performances, and acrobatics for events of all scopes and sizes and audiences of all ages. The troupe can also create interactive experiences that give children and adults the opportunity to “run away and join the circus.”

Regardless the size or range of the crowd, the performance is sure to inspire and uplift the spirit with spectacular, choreographed aerial tricks.
Valeria’s Wings has rocked out plenty of events:

We've rocked out plenty of events. Here are just a few that we've done.

Burnish (3 years)
• Children's Museum
• Private Weddings
• Theatre Memphis
• Dixon Gallery and Gardens
• Center City Arts Commission
• Live From Memphis
• Rumba Room
• Brantley Ellzey Art Space
• Theatre Memphis
• Private Weddings
• Art Openings
• Birthdays
• Art Festivals
• School Events

Valeria’s Wings would love to perform for you! Call 901.278.9022, Email Val Russell: valeriaswings@gmail.com Check out Valeria’s Wings on Facebook.











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